XTrans and other XML resources [Edited]

You know what? Just use Visual Studio, Visual Studio Express, Or any other hundred other tools out there. This list is so old, it was written in 2005. Please consider it dead.

Some of these links may go bad without warning, since this is hosted as a personal site at a college.

Essential XML Tools:

  • XRaySetup200-8.exe – Real-time XML Editor/Validator for DTD
  • XTrans.zip – Transformation Processor
  • Topologi – Schema Processor
  • Microsoft MSXML 4.0
  • ts3lite.exe – Stylesheet Editor
  • XMLValidator – simple validator for XML documents
  • XML Schema validator – XML SPY
  • XML Schema Docs – XML SPY
  • XML Distilled Editor for RelaxNG

XML Tutorials and Information:

Other XML Tools:

  • Cooktop XML Editor – This is another freeware XML editor that will perform basic editing and validation.

A large number of additional XML editors and parsers can be found at:http://www.xmlsoftware.com

The Apache project has a large number of development XML tools. This list is located at:http://xml.apache.org/index.html

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