Did you make it to the MS event in San Diego, CA

May 21 in Carlsbad focused on Whidbey and Yukon (SQL Server 2005), and Team Services.

Whidbey was more of the same topics, but with more detail.
Yukon was lot better detail than at previous demonstrations that I’ve seen.
Team Services – eh..

Lets rag on team services.
You have MSDN Univeral, well you get 1/3rd of the team services with that. You get to pick wich 3rd though.

The three parts are: Arichitecture, Developer, Tester. Good plan
Bad news: by the time that you aquire all 3, you have just spent a minimum of $20K.

I think the pricing and marketing boys are forgetting who their biggest market is.

There are already open source tools for each of the sections of the new package. And for the commercial version, there are already 3rd party vendors who have more complete team tools.

VSS is gone, but still here.

Yeah you heard me. If you use the dev version of TS then VSS is gone, but, if you are a poor smoe like me, it is still there for you.

I think there is a good chance I will switch to a 3rd party CVS tool, or even go open source.

I have more to rant on but not enough time. More to post later.

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