Google and Viruses

I just said good bye to google as my search engine. This was a strange thing to do, but I found that the page ranking system from google is not as good as the new MSN tool. Shocking ain’t it.

Take for example, “”, for the two years that it was in full swing business, google almost never rated it high enough to show on the first page of the search when searching “RPG America”. Those words were in all of the page titles. They were in the meta tags. They were in the page body of every page. Now I under stand why it was so easy for yahoo to drop google.

Every other major search engine had the site on the front page. So now I am thinking that I must be missing information if I am searching via google. I’ll try MSN for a while.

The second part of this post is viruses. If you miss-spell google by having a fat finger moment, then you will get to a site that just overwhelms your AV and puts in spyware, and trojans. Sure there are these things for every search engine, but there seems to be more for google than any other.

I also found that these lurker sites put in a tool bar from an organization in czech domain registration.

Some day Google may see me back but not until these two issues are resolved. And I hope they do get them resolved, Google is a great search engine, and company, it is just starting to show its age.

[EDIT] since this article, I have gone back to Google. I cannot help it. They are the best.
[2ND EDIT] Since the first edit, Google has been making massive changes, and now all they are doing is pissing me off again. So as of Mar 2013, I have been slowly migrating off of their services.

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