Using reflection to get more out of your AssemblyInfo.vb file

This is part 2 of my post on “ASP.Net Page titles ”

With System.Reflection.Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly
ProdTitleLbl.Text = CType(.GetCustomAttributes(GetType(AssemblyTitleAttribute), False)(0), AssemblyTitleAttribute).Title
ProdCoLbl.Text = CType(.GetCustomAttributes(GetType(AssemblyCompanyAttribute), False)(0), AssemblyCompanyAttribute).Company
ProdDescLbl.Text = CType(.GetCustomAttributes(GetType(AssemblyDescriptionAttribute), False)(0), AssemblyDescriptionAttribute).Description
ProdTMLbl.Text = CType(.GetCustomAttributes(GetType(AssemblyTrademarkAttribute), False)(0), AssemblyTrademarkAttribute).Trademark
ProdCrLbl.Text = CType(.GetCustomAttributes(GetType(AssemblyCopyrightAttribute), False)(0), AssemblyCopyrightAttribute).Copyright
ProdVersLbl.Text = .GetName().Version.ToString
End With

By using this you treat your assembly page as a constants page and reduce the maintainance of your code.

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