Christian Freedom!

The book is free. The material is directly related to our current events. You are currently being enslaved. Learn to be free.

Christian Freedom! 2015-2-1

If you want the latest draft of the book, I am keeping an open source of it at

NOTE: Updated Github Link

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Interesting history view of Jesus

I have decided that I am going to research this whole article before I post a backing or add it to one of my sites.
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The most vile religion

If you saw a religion that taught its members to murder people on command, to die on command, to defend their beliefs under all conditions, would you call it vile?

If that religion ruled its followers, and the decenters within its physical boundaries alike, and forced tribute out of them, would you call it vile?

If that religion promoted mediocrity in the name of equality, would you call it vile?

If that religion taught its members to hate the successful out of envy, would you call it vile?

If that religion has enforcers that couldn’t be brought to justice for 90% of their alleged crimes, because they decided that they were innocent of said crime, would you call that vile?

If that religion kept lying about reasons to decimate other lands, while stealing the lands of its own people, while lying about it being in the names of righteous defense and prosperity, would you call that vile?

If that religion hid an ever escalating collection of crimes, from its own members, is that vile?

At what point is this considered villainy? At what point will the people over turn such villainy?

The people are complacent, or complicit, in that they participate in, or don’t care enough to walk from their mental bondage.

I have quit yelling wake up. I am now out to crush the lies and expose the truth of the reality that this religion is government, and its worshippers are the people who refuse to stand against it.

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A public letter to myself.

If you want to blame modern society on Mr Rogers, then you forget that most of us who turned out awesome also grew up with Mr Rogers.
The man stayed with the message of Love. This wasn’t a participation award type of person, but a person that genuinely thought highly enough about people that they were not burdened by -isms.
If anything, blame the Gen X crowd for the current generation of kids that don’t know how to resolve and problem solve on their own. Blame the baby boomers for learning to be selfish (Not meaning the Ayn Rand definition.) for self fulfillment rather than compassionate.
Blame the people who think along the lines of everything for themselves, be damned by neighbor. Those are the people who have failed to learn Non-Aggression Principle.
Mostly, look in the mirror, and blame that person. That person is the one who can lead by example. That is the person who can walk without coercion. That is the person who can speak up when the masses are quiet. The person that is reflected in that mirror is the living person, not some comic book character, or some long passed philosopher, or hero.
Do, don’t just say. Be, don’t just claim. Walk, don’t just sit.
This is a public letter to myself, but I would like any who find this encouraging, to take it to heart, and be that person that you want to make that change.
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Why I left crypto

I used crypto for my daily purchases, bit when that ended, due to the tax changes, my coins were just sitting.

I get a better return doing other things than just HODL.

I still believe in crypto, but I need my money doing things now, not just sitting in a risk pool.

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A little update

  1. Don’t come here if you don’t have a sense of humor. I make inappropriate jokes, don’t take is personally.
  2. Don’t come here just so you can slam me, my spiritual Christian beliefs, or my libertarian views. I just delete those comments.
  3. Don’t bother reporting me, because the reports just go to me, and I don’t care about your feelz enough to fret over them. I do care about your salvation though.
  4. I can be found on Steemit, and soon DTube and DSound.
    2. more links coming.
  5. I am not a flat earther, but I am a short timespan worlder.
    1. I’ll post links to vids soon.
    2. Evolutionists believe that people evolve out of rocks, if you go back far enough. I don’t believe that. I also don’t believe that a paramecium can produce a dog.
    3. Lastly I believe that the laws of rotational velocity conservation must be maintained, so to have planets and moons that spin backwards or in the wrong plain of axis, means that there is a major failure in the description of big bang.
    4. No, I don’t want you to prove me wrong, but I am fine if you want to post video comments. I may actually watch them.
  6. Echo chambers are dangerous. If you don’t like someone’s speech, you don’t force them out of the conversation, you provide more information and more conversation.
    1. And antidote to hate speech is more speech, not silence.

God bless and good night.

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Writing project intro: Red

Intro: Red, by Brian Webb © 2018.

Musky dark room smelled of aged cedar and mold loaded dirty water. Lights were mostly non-existent outside of what leaked in from the adjoining rooms. The air was thick with steam and the sounds of large pistons pounding in the distant. Large hoses suspended along the walls going from one room to the next throbbed with each piston beat. It gave the room a feeling of life, as if it were the bowels of some larger creature.

Alice stood there, in her red sterile hazmat suit, and thought about how this room always felt like a mirror to her emptiness. She stood there, because going into the brighter of the two adjacent rooms that was connected to this one, would expose her very soul to that which she hated most. The thing that she was commanded to call mother.

Mother wasn’t her real mother, but a living organic computer, that was the result of a project that was started before the age of semiconductors and vacuum tubes. Mother was started when people were still marveling about plants, fungi, and bacteria. So libertine scientists, madmen they were called, so began hybridizing symbiotic cellular structures into a cohesive life. Massive leaps in life science, genetics, and psychology were made, just to be kept in the closure of W.o.l.f.

World Order for Life Foundation, W.O.L.F., aka Wolf, was a group that would bring out benevolent products, on occasion, just to keep people from prying into their business. There was no benevolence to Wolf, they bought out those that would harm them, and removed those they could not buy out. Even now, Wolf was looking for its new prey.

Alice finally pulled up her courage and opened the door. Before her a large mound of beautiful and sickening colors sat before her in its life promoting bowl. Alice turned to a protrusion that looked have way between a gaunt human face and a modern art hodgepodge of natural material expressionism.

“Ah Alice, there you are.” Came a gravelly voice from the depths of the protrusion. It craned its long spindly neck to turn its face towards Alice. “I was wondering if you were ever going to enter. Your stops in the threshold seem to get longer each time.”

“I …” started Alice, but she was cut off by Mother.

“No, no. No need to comment. Standing before me is exhausting to your psyche. I do understand that. Just remember, you are the last of those who have not joined me permanently. Nor do I expect you to. As such, your interfacing with me is the most difficult.”

Mother stretched her neck back and up, her head bringing Alice’s eyes to focus on the withered and clear cocooned bodies of various executives, athletes, artists, politicians, and reporters. Their bodies do not look dead, just suspended at the edge of their last breath. The nerve bundles and fluid lines linking them to mother, keeping them alive, and joining them to mother, being their reward for their commitment to her.

Mother then said, “Alice, you are the head of Wolf; I am the heart of Wolf. The body needs to be feed. Go find food. Remind our sheep that we are their care takers. Remind the others in the pack that we are alpha. Remind the world, that this world is our hunting ground, no other predator may enter.”

With that, Mother pushed an image of her next target into her head. A young man, Jeremy Balentine who had a successful software startup business and was now branching into urban agriculture. After his failed deal on the investment television show Sharktank, he decided that he was going to prove the investment sharks were wrong with their undervaluing of his company. A few years, Jeremy turned his home business into a trillion-dollar success, then immediately branched out to new businesses and markets.

What brought Jeremy to the eye of Wolf was that he was finding ways to circumvent their controls, and their regulations, which were locking him out. Most of his business was operated on international waters on the first privately owned floating fortress. It looked like a giant floating hotel with an island on top.

Alice spoke up, “I got it. He will be ours, and his will be ours.” Then Alice turned.

When she started to step towards the exit, she realized that this all seemed choreographed, as if she was repeating this dance every time she meat with Mother. Before she could think about it anymore, her hand on the handle for the exit, she heard, “Alice! Do not fail. Wolf is hungry.”

With that phrase, her determination was set in stone, and the fleeting thought of déjà vu passed. Alice was quickly out of the chamber and onto her new mission; to enslave another man to Mother. The smell of blood permeated her senses, she exited saying, “I am agent Red; head of wolf.”

Writer notes:

Due to the strange interactions between Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, in one of the older versions, I kept wondering, was Red really all that good? Maybe it was Red who was the wolf, and it was her who the woodsman had to put down.

I am writing a story is meant to be a dystopian speculative fiction, It will delve into the psyche of someone who has been the villain all their life. But denies it, and what feeds that villainy. Red is by no means a damsel in distress.

This intro will never be put in the final cut of the story. It is meant to be a primer, a seed document for the actual story. I will probably write the actual story during NaNoWriMo. A 300-page book in 1 month takes a lot of prep, and 0 time for waste.

Last note: All characters are inspired by real people, most of whom I call friend. Some of whom are just political figures, which I sort of blend together into singular personalities.

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Getting ready for “Async Main” for C#

Here is the MD for Async Main

The problem is, you want to code for it now, so that you don’t have a pain to update lots of code later. The solution is add it now, sorta.

public class Program
    public static void Main(string[] args) => _main(args).Wait();
    public static async Task _main(string[] args)
    // Your code here. 

See that? Just have your main code call _main, which _main is the async code. Then you can do a search and replace to clean all that up as needed later, when you switch to C# 7.1 and have Async Main in your C# toolset. 🙂

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